Friday, April 10, 2009

Building referrals guide

If you’re using paid to click programs, you should have realized by now that the real earnings come from referrals. Here’s the best ways to get free referrals.

The more referrals you have for any given paid to click program, the more money you make daily. Most sites sell or rent referrals, but there are other methods of gaining free ptc referrals, this quick guide just goes over some of the more fruitful methods of building your downline for free. Most people don’t feel like being bothered with building their own referrals, they think it’s either too slow, too hard or too time consuming.

All of which are not true if you’re doing it correctly. I have only invested in 1 program total (neobux), the rest of my referrals I earned myself using forums, telling others and other various methods listed in this very guide. I do admit when you’re first starting out with the challenge of building your downline, it can seem a bit impossible at times. That fact alone is why majority of people just abandon the entire idea of building their own referrals and just give in and purchase some referrals.

Don’t get me wrong, building your downline isn’t simple but it’s nothing near as hard as what most people think it is, you don’t even need a website or blog to start building your downline. You don’t have to use every method on this list, but it is a good idea to use as many as you can if you want to build your downline to it’s full potential. The best part about building your own referrals is it doesn’t cost you a dime.

How To Get PTC Referrals Using Forums
One of the quickest ways to get your referral link out there and seen by as many people as possible is signature advertising. There are many sites that allow you to advertise referral links in your signature. There are some sites that allow referral trading as well, these are usually only PTC related forums.

I have found that you can get more referrals by signature advertising in forums that are not PTC related. Most people on PTC only or related forums are usually already members of several programs. Sites that are not part of the PTC world will spike more interest among others because it’s not being advertised in everyone’s signature like with PTC related forums. Make sure you check and obey all posting rules in regards to the forum you intend to advertise on.

How To Get PTC Referrals Using PTC Programs
If you have no money to invest in a program and want to get some referrals pretty fast, you can convert to ads using your balance on another site. Just advertise your referral link from the site you wish to build referrals on on an opposing site. You know the visitors are going to be people that are already members of one paid to site, so chances are if they’re not a member of the site you’re advertising, they will probably sign up for your site.

How To Get PTC Referrals Using Blogs
Building a blog, website or incorporating advertisements with your referral link on an already existing site or blog will yield some extra traffic to your referral link and has proven to yield a decent amount of referrals over time.

Get PTC Referrals Telling People You Actually Know
There are many ways you can tell people you know, either in person, on messengers, by email and so on. Just keep in mind the spam warning above. A lot of people keep all of their friends or buddies on some sort of address book or mailing list. You can start there.

How To Get PTC Referrals Using Email
Another tip is you can add your referral link to your email signatures with most popular email clients and providers. People will see and probably visit your link when they’re reading an email from you.

Offer Users Something For being Your Referral
You can always build referrals faster by offering users something in exchange for being your referral, whether it be a partial percentage of earnings generated by their activity such as $1.00 for the first 140 clicks. This method is usually best when using forums and/or a website for building referrals.

Please keep in mind before you start, it’s a very bad idea to spam your referral links on forums, by unsolicited emails or instant messengers. Serious paid to click programs have strong rules against spam and will freeze/close your account if caught, that’s a big price to pay for the few free referrals it may or may not generate for you.

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