Wednesday, April 22, 2009

PTC Blogs - Niche Blogging

It seems PTC blogs are an epidemic as of late, there’s literally a blog link in almost every signature on most PTC and paid to forums.

However majority of these blogs will generate little to no referrals simple because of the mistake the blog owner made. Building referrals is one of the major upsides and reasons to making a blog revolving around paid to click sites. If your blog is poor in design or content, the amount of referrals you could have greatly reduces. This is just a brief group of tips on PTC blogs about what you should and should not do and a few things that may help you along the way.

Banners & Referral Links
Firstly let’s address banners and referral links. Every program you’re working with probably offers one or more banners to advertise the program. That does not mean you should bombard your blog with these banners. Filling a page with banners and referral links will only distract and annoy visitors, ruining any chance of them joining your program or returning to your blog. If you’re going to use the banners, pick only one or two per page or only show banners when viewing content related to the respective program.

For example if you have a review, announcement or article about “Neobux”, add the Neobux banner to the article. Another method you can use that will allow you to advertise as many banners as you want without clutter would be a banner rotation. Banner rotations can be found in the forms of java script, php and even some WordPress or other blog specific modifications and plugins.

Paid Advertisements
Paid advertisements or paid per click programs are a useful way for you to build extra income from your PTC blog. Just use some of the same rules as above, do not randomly throw the ad code just anywhere or everywhere. You should never have more than 3-4 ads showing on one page or article. Doing so will greatly increase the amount of time it takes for you blog to load and again will annoy visitors. You should use caution and read carefully when choosing a pay per click program to advertise on your paid to click blog, most pay per click programs terms of service restricts the use of their ads with any form of paid to click content. Meaning programs such as GoogleAdsense cannot be used for PTC blogs. I would recommend Bidvertiser.

Design & Themes
Design is another very important part of your blog, whether you make your own theme or download a pre-existing theme for you blog, it needs to be decent. You should not use the default templates that came with you blog as most people tend to dismiss these as a sign of a “new blog” or “new blogger”. Your theme of choice should be easy on the eyes, low on bandwidth and if possible compliment your niche. After installing your theme you should browse your blog making sure everything is working properly and no errors exist.

Content, Content, Content!
Hardly any PTC blogs have quality content or ANY content for that matter. Most of the blogs just use simple sentences like “This program paid me!” or “Get paid to click links here!”, this is NOT content. At least write some information about the programs you’re using and promoting. Very few visitors are going to sign up to a program they know very little about.

If you’d like to get more page views and visits to your ptc blog make sure you have enabled comments. Users should be able to comment without the need to register for your blog or a third party services.

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