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Friday, October 9, 2009

New and Improved BeRuby!

New changes in BeRuby!
The new style is designed to help you personalize your home page, and use it for all of your internet needs.
One of the first changes is the handy search engine feature at the top of the page. You can use this to conduct all of the searches you would normally do at google, yahoo or msn. Your search results will appear in a new tab in your browser so you won’t lose your BeRuby home page.
Additionally, you can now use the tab “Home” to return back to your BeRuby home page. This is the page that has the different category boxes, i.e. shopping, communities, etc. Remember that the links in these boxes and (anywhere on BeRuby) that are marked with a ruby pay commissions. What does this mean? The advertiser, ex. 1-800-flowers, pays you a commission when you purchase from their website using the link found on BeRuby.
To change the links that you see in the category boxes, it’s really quite simple. First, select the box you would like to change. The icons you see in the red circle are as follows:
Plus sign: used to change the links seen in the box
Triangle: Minimizes the box
X: erases the box, so that you can add another category box. You can always re-add it.
Since we are talking about personalizing the links, you would click on the Plus Sign. By doing this, you will be taken to a list of advertisers in the selected category. See image below.
The Arrow icon will take you the advertiser.
The Home icon will add this advertiser/link to your home page, making it easy to access when you log in.
The Star icon will add the advertiser to your favorites page. More about the favorites page below.
When you click the green Home button, you can then choose how you want the link to appear in the box. When prompted, simply drag the advertiser’s logo the part of the box you would like it be in. It should appear on your home page immediately.
In terms of your Favorites Page, just click on the orange Star icon, and that advertiser will be added to a list of your favorite links. You can find this link by clicking on the sub tab that reads “My Favorites”.

Register Beruby! Find the location that suits you better.
Beruby UK/world 1 year online (recommended if you live in UK, Europe)
Beruby USA/world Beta version (recommended if you live in North America, Asia)
Beruby Spain/world 4 years online (recommended if you live in Spain, Europe or South America
Beruby France/world - Beta version
Beruby Italy - recommended if you live in Italy

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