Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Beruby April promotion - earn money inviting your friends

*BeRuby is a personalized portal where you can make money for your activity on the web. More info about Beruby

Good bye dimes, it’s the month of the quarter. Yes, this month BeRuby will give you a whole quarter, for each friend that joins your BeRuby network. This is an easy way to make your BeRuby balance go up and up! Imagine, with just 4 friends, you easily can add $1.00 to your account! So start poking through your contacts and start earning money now!
If you don’t know how to invite your friends to your network, click here for more help!

Terms and Conditions:
+ $0.25 will be given for every new user you bring to BeRuby.
+ You may be living outside of the US, but the friends you bring to BeRuby must reside in the US to count for $0.25.
+ Limit 10 friends ($2.50).
+ Promotion valid through 30 April 2010.
+ No double/multiple accounts may be created by the same user. Beruby can track fraudulent accounts.

Register Beruby! Find the location that suits you better.
Beruby Spain
Beruby - recommended if you live in Spain, Europe or Latin America
Beruby US - recommended if you live in North America, India or Asia
Beruby UK - recommended if you live in England
Beruby France - recommended if you live in France, Belgique, Suisse, Maroc orTunisie 
Beruby Italia - recommended if you live in Italy or Europe
Beruby - earn 
money online

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