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TOP 10 Best High paying Ad Networks Alternatives to AdSense

Friday, December 25, 2015

TOP 10 Best High paying Ad Networks Alternatives to AdSense

Top 10 Ad Netowrks Alternatives

“Your Google Adsense account has been disabled 
or temporarily banned”.

What a nice phrase on an email to start the day, isn't it? Well, think you’re not alone. Everyday,  thousands of accounts get banned from Google’s Adsense program. Why? There are many reasons but normally it's either there’s something wrong with the website you’re putting you ads on, or you just simply missed one rule from Google’s Terms Of Services.

And how many times have you applied for Adsense account and got rejected? 

Friday, November 6, 2015

ClixSense - How to earn money with this PTC? Video tutorial

clixSense Logo

Clixsense recently created a new 4 minute video that shows – in a quick and easy to understand way – how to earn money online Free, using it’s platform the well-known ptc (paid to click) website that it is online since 2007 and has over 4 000 000 active members.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Adfiver review, legit or scam? New PTC with high payment rates per click

Adfiver - earn money online

Update January 2016 ¿SCAM?:

Be careful! Many users have been complaining about this website as it seems it can turn out to be a SCAM page. A new post appeared on the AdFiver Facebook page, supposedly by the admin’s partner. She states, the site is owned by Gustavo Gil Peron, the admin of OnBux, UpBux, ProBux, Zapbux, Kayads, Fusebux and others scams. The company, that runs AdFiver, was registered under her name but Gustavo scammed her therefore she unfolds the truth and going to close the company. She recommends to open disputes against AdFiver. The original post was deleted but you can see a screenshot here.

The admin, in response to the statements, said that their Facebook page was hacked, and blamed the “envious and unfair competition”. He created another Facebook page.

The connection between AdFiver and the top scam ProBux was suspected from the beginning. There are many similarities between the two sites and their scamming rental referral system is also the same. Several people complain that their referrals’ AVG drop drastically after cashout or upgrade.

Adfiver Original post

AdFiver is a PTC site that was officially launched on October, 2015, registered company in the United States, and has demonstrated great potential and rapid growth, standing out well ahead of other PTC sites that segment. Many features make AdFiver a secure system, such as: registered company, ddos protection, dedicated and professional staff, stable business plan, excellent support, instant payments, forum, active admins, own script and unique design.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

BitVisitor, the best way to earn free Bitcoins just by viewing Ads

BitVisitor was one of the first websites that paid me Bitcoin. To this day I consider it to be the granddaddy of all the Bitcoin earning sites. 
To earn in this site you will need a BitCoin Wallet. You can create a Bitcoin wallet for free in CoinBase

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

VigLink Review, make money from the content of your blog or web

Viglink ads for bloggers
There are many in-text advertising networks on the market, and most of them fall dramatically short in terms of payout. The network I have had the best results with in the past is Infolinks, but now a days I would recommend VigLink, which is another blog monetization program, but with a very interesting twist!  

Friday, October 2, 2015

PaidVerts legit or scam? Review of one of the most popular PTC

Paidverts is, of course, a legit PTC with lots of followers on the internet. I don’t want to give a straight ‘go ahead’ even though everyone will love to read such a paidverts review. It’s 2015 and things have changed. But we always need to check the real facts before spelling something out. 2015 seems to be difficult for PV. Let’s do some scam check and decide on the strategy to use!

Sunday, September 27, 2015 Review: Scam or legit? Earn Money From URL Shortening is the most awesome link shortening service. It actually pays you just for shortening the link with them and then sharing it on social media. Cool! Isn’t it? But you might be wondering that why someone will pay for just shortening a link with the help of their tool…. Well, doesn’t only shortens the links but once someone clicks on those links, the person goes through an ad which is shown for 5 seconds and you are actually getting paid for displaying those ads.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Quidco review, earn money with cashback.

If you want the site that pays the most, Quidco is the winner. It's free to use, and pays out up to 105% of the cashback it receives.
Sounds strange, but it's able to do this as it passes on a little of the bonuses it gets for generating large amounts of sales. It's also the one that gets the best feedback from its users. You can take earnings as cash, or boost returns by swapping cashback for Amazon vouchers or Tesco Clubcard points.
Quidco is origanilly from UK (so it obviously has more deal in UK) but you can make money all over the world.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ojooo, earn money with a new recommended PTC

Ojooo is a company based out of Germany which offers several different online services. Such as email, search, online tv, advertising, and PTC. This review will be dicussing only the PTC section.

OJOOO PTC (Watching Ads) officially launched on March 19, 2013. As of now they pay users to click, watch videos (virool), complete offers (Matomy), and to refer other members to the site. The site is paying and the script they are using is quite interesting and its different from other paid to click platforms. You will like really much the way ptc ads are displayed and offered to members.It seems there are not self sponsored ads which is a good thing adding points to ojooo site.Ads also have categories and its fun and easy clicking them. As you can see premium members have much more opportunities to earn on with Ojooo.
If you want to take full advantage of ojooo platform i highly recommend you upgrade to premium for 39$ a year. As a premium member you will get 10$ for every new memeber you refer that becomes premium and if your's referral account expires and he will extend it you will receive this bonus again and again year after year

+ Sign up to OJOOO  | + Earn Money online


Saturday, November 17, 2012

ClixSense review. Earn money online with the best Pay to Click Site

Clixsense - earn money online
ClixSense, the best PTC (Paid to click) online

ClixSense has been online and paying since February 2007. Originally it started as a PTC site and over the past years it has turned into more and more like a GPT rather than just a PTC. While I don't consider it as a your typical GPT site, it does give you more than one way to earn. Such as, members can now earn from completing offers, surveys, listening to the radio (radio loyalty), and other tasks.

They have recently added more third party offer walls which include: SupersonicAds, Matomy, TokenAds, SuperRewards, TrialPay, RadiumOne, PeanutLabs, and CrowdFlower tasks.

The "ClixGrid" is something that ClixSense launched on August 21, 2008. Over time this popular feature has been copied and added to other sites as well. Bscially how it works is that a user will click on an area of an image within the grid and an ad will open up. After the ad timer is finished loading it will tell you whether or not you have won a prize. Cash prizes range from $0.10 to $10. Free members can now play 30 times per day.

ClixSense Review and Information
ClixSense is currently paying without delay and will be placed on our Elite List. Site is over 5 years old and has no major issues or problems. Like always, if you are new to this site and plan on using it, be sure to test it fully before investing into it.

Minimum Cashout: $8 for PayPal, $10 for check (USA, CA, MEX), $100 check for all other countries

Minus Fees: PayPal (United States)2% up to $1.00, PayPal (Rest of the World) 2% up to $20
Check United States, Canada, Mexico : Free for the 1st one. $1.00 for all others
Check (International)Rest of the World: $1

Cashout Wait Time: Payments go out every day of the week

ClixSense allows international members. ClixSense is accepting members from all over the world. Seriously. It doesn’t matter where you live in the world. Any person from any country can join and make money at ClixSense.

Number of Ads: Ads will vary according to location and time viewing. Standards are guranteed at least 1 ad daily. Ads are shown throughout the day and they are forced focus ads. Meaning you have to keep the page in view in order to get credit for it.

Daily Average Earnings: Once again, it will vary. You could average around $0.04 +/- (if not more)
depending on how many ads you view (excluding offers).

No Direct Referral Limit: 1 LEVEL for Standards

Inactivity Policy: To keep your account active you must login at least one time every 90 days.

Timer for Ads
  3 sec = $0.001
15 sec = $0.005
30 sec = $0.01
60 sec = $0.02 


ClixSense, Paid to click on Ads

In ClixSense you will get paid each time you click an Ad

On addition each time your direct referrals click on PTC Adverts not only do they get paid but you get paid too! With unlimited referrals your earning potential is endless. There are 4 different ad types, each offering a different commission.

Extended: from $0.0040 to $0.0080
Standard: from $0.0020 to $0.0040
Mini: from $0.0010 to $0.0020
Micro: from $0.0002 to $0.0004

ClixSense Earnings

ClixSense earnings are very good, as a standard member you will receive $0.01 per click on regular ads and $0.020 per extended view ads, and you will receive $0.005 per referral click.

As a premium member you will receive $0.01 per ad and $0.02 per extended view ads.

ClixSense is currently paying without delay. Site is over 8 years old and has no major issues or problems. Like always, if you are new to this site and plan on using it, be sure to test it fully before investing into it. 

ClixSense Referrals

ClixSense has the best referrals programs froma any PTC site. They are not kidding with a 8 level deep referral program, you can really make some serious money. Not only are you compensated for referring others you also get commissions whenever your direct referrals click on PTC Ads, purchase advertising, or whenever they or their referrals upgrade to Premium through 8 levels!

For Premium Members Clixsense offers one of the most generous signup commissions per referral in the PTC industry: $0.50 per signup! Only active referrals generate signup commissions and after earning themselves at least $1.00 on PTC clicks. Standard members do not earn this commission.

You will earn $0.0002 to $0.004 from your referral clicks. 
Standard members earn $0.50 for each affiliate that has earned a total of at least $10.00 from his own activity.
$2.00 per upgraded direct referral
10% up to $1.00 per purchase limited at $100 per referral
5% per completed task and offers

Consider signing up for a premium membership.

ClixSense offers a premium membership that costs $17 to join. Premium members are allowed to view more ads per day. Free members are severely limited to just a couple ads per day, while premium members can see over 400. A premium membership will increase the amount of money you get paid for referrals from $0.01 to $0.10 and will give you a bonus of $2.00 if one of your referrals becomes a premium member as well.

I find it’s only worth joining if you’re going to refer people. It’s great that you’re allowed to view more ads, but the real money in a premium membership comes from referrals. If you’re good at referring people, the premium membership is a definite must join.
And now, for my experiences thus far…

Summary ClixSense

As of now we feel ClixSense is a safe and paying site to use. Personally, we have not had any issues with this site and it has never failed to pay on time. With the recent changes we hope the site continues to do well and grow.

Register for free in ClixSense

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